100th post!!!

holy smokes people of the web wide world... i've already made 100 entries in my blog!!!

it seems like just yesterday i started this thing, and now here i am a true veteran of the super information highway.

now i figured i'd do something special for this entry... well okay. my talent agent peter figured i should...

since i've been on the innerweb all i've talked about is what's going on in my life thus far... i thought this would be a good entry to take a look back at where i came from. this also seemed very fitting since i'm currently on route to drumheller to see if i can reconnect with this past.

hope now you have a better idea of why i'm in search of my dinosaur roots. i also hope that after all i've seen and done in my journeys these last 4 months they'll take me back in drum. now i'm a super qualified dinosaur...

i'm also planning on doing this "vlog"s more often then every 100 posts... hopefully like every 25 from here on in.

catch you in drumheller people of the innerweb!


Peter Bond said...

This is great Traum baby! Great poduction values! What#s the name of the actor playing Craig? He's not bad. More of these and your stock...er..value..er..worth with soar!
Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

This video answers a lot of questions I have had about how Traumador came to be. It all make sense now.

I agree with Bond, the casting for Craig was a great choice. Good work.


Grad007 said...

Awesome video!