back on track in august

as already stated last post, i've fallen way far behind on my posts!

i promise to get back on track after this weekend. however in the meantime i will not be able to use my puter for the next few days, so any comments that get made right now will be unmoderated till tuesday canada time... sorry.

speaking of comment moderation i had meant to properly announce that this month. like the rest of the Prehistoric Insanity family of blogs, i've been forced to adapt major spam filtering procedures, the number of spam and junk comments i was getting was becoming ridiculous!

in good news since i put it up some 70ish spams have been stopped (with ease). that's just in the first month! in bad news people now have to wait a little while for their comments to make it up publicly (though hopefully not too long most of the time... i do check at least 3 times a day!)


backyard dinosaur #5

man oh man... i've fallen way behind on my posts!

all i can say is when you see the results of the first round of the OH-lympic ice hockey and the aftermath, you'll understand why i haven't been able to post as much as i'd been hoping too... stay tuned!

getting myself back on track here is july's installment of backyard dinosaurs (yes i know its supposed to be weekly, but we've run out of those)...

a steller's jay (Cyanocitta stelleri) i saw hanging the mountains of vancouver.