oh man, my hatching day ALREADY!

as if losing the team canada's first hockey game weren't bad enough, now i've learned another annoying thing. i'm getting older!

i can't believe it is my hatching day again! it seems like just yesterday since my last! (though i'm glad a year has passed since then. that adventure was really stressful!!!)...

it feels like i get less and less done between them. (that can't be though can it?)... come to think of it, i still haven't figured out who gave me that h-day present 2 years ago that landed me here in canada!

anyways today i was reminded of my 7th hatching day by my special talent agent peter bond who had taken me for a dinner to try and stop the hockey defeat from bringing me down. "well there killer, i figured i'd treat you to, well, a treat. so that you won't always associate august the 15th with this game."

"no problem," i rationally replied, not thinking about why he listed the date. "that's my hatching day. i won't over write that with the game."

"wait, today's your hatching day?" peter asked in a panic.

"i guess it is," i realized out loud. "weird, as the game feels like it was a few... hmmm."

peter suddenly had one of his excited idea moments (which happen all the time i've noticed). "well of course i knew that!" he exclaimed. "which is of course the OTHER reason i brought you out for dinner! that and you're present!"

"present?!?" i exclaimed.

"oh yes," he said almost unconvinced. suddenly he grabbed and ripped a wooden panel off the wall. are you allowed to do that? "i just need to make a couple quick fixes..."

next thing i knew peter had a paint brush. which would have been weird from anyone else, but this was peter we were talking about!

next thing i knew he presented me with a picture of me.

i have to say, this may not be a plane ticket home, but it sure is one sweet hatching day present!

cheers peter!


Albertonykus said...

Happy birthday, Traum! Let's hope this one will be better than the last!

Peter's not always very -thorough- but his heart is certainly in the right place!

Ian said...

Happy birthday! At least something positive has happened lately.

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

HAPPY B_DAY! what a cool picture!