another of my friends famous!

the royal tyrrell museum just put up on their youtube channel a video all about my friend tony!

it's all about a day in his life at the museum, though i don't think it really conveys his job well (having done a similar one myself for a time), but it does really bring tony across!

i think they should have done a video about an untypical day in his life... like this one or this one... in those cases he really was a superhero of sorts!

oh well. it is good to see the museum recognizing some of its top talent, and awesome to see tony doing what he does best (well at least sort of see it)...

[also i'm back... so comments will be immediately moderated and i can talk to people]

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Albertonykus said...

Neat! Though like you said it may have been even better if they showcased his even more epic days. But maybe it's for his own safety, as the Pack are presumably still at large.