try try again

well the last of the Oh-lympic houses i went to sucked!

so, i was determined to see if i could find even just ONE house that didn't suck. frankly after trying a few more, it wasn't looking good for them.

not only did all of them have line ups to get into them, but once you got in them there was nothing to do. sure none of them had fish that would bite you, but still after a couple hours wait you'd think there'd be more than a(n expensive) restaurant to see...

i'd been hoping the houses would be more about the places they were named after. you know like a mini-museum or something...

that's when i discovered the northern canada house. it was exactly what the doctor ordered!

they had a cool big stone man in the doorway. i quickly learned that these sculptures were built by the people of canada's north, and were called inukshuks. which was also the symbol of the Oh-lympics.

the house had all sorts of cool museum like things in it. stuffed individuals of the various animals from up there, like this muskox.

the decorations were even hard core arctic... the lamp posts were whale ribs! i know, as they passed my bite test!!!

the only substandard spot in the whole place i'd say was this one table in the corner. all it had on it was a pile of rocks just lying there. randomly, not even in a pattern.
it looked kind of messy and unprofessional.

as i was really digging northern house (especially in comparison to ALL the others houses i'd tried!), i decided to help them out. so i took that bunch of rocks and built some mini inukshuks!
they may not have been as cool as the giant one at the front door, but at least they gave the table a nice decor...

there were tons of cool inuit stone cravings and other artworks around the place.
i thought i looked kind of like this eagle statue. what do you think?

there was a norwhal horn i just had to take this silly picture with.
i'm a horned dinosaur hehehehehe... get it?

the coolest thing on display had to be this mammoth tusk, which was found in the yukon. if you know where to look you can find TONS of ice age mammal remains perfectly preserved (frozen to be precise) up in the arctic. so canada has a pretty good supply of such things!
i was sort of sad to leave arctic house. it was the only one of the 10 houses i tried worth mentioning, as it was awesome. i just wish the other houses had checked them out earlier, and copied this awesome mini-museum!
oh well.
i wonder what peter has in mind for me and the OH-lympics.


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

like musk oxen!!

I really enjoyed the cyber visit!!!

Raptor Lewis said...

Hmm...reminds me of the Museum underneath the St. Louis Arch, if you remember from that series, except WAY cooler. :)

I'm just glad you're luck turned around! And, I like the Pleistocene epoch as well as the Mesozoic because I find Early H/ Sapiens and other mammals interesting.

Albertonykus said...

Nice inukshuks, Traum! XD Inuit sculptures and northern creatures are cool!