fossil of the weekend! #62

okay so i've been a naughty little theropod, and not kept up on my nearly perfect attendance fossil of the weekend feature...

i can't even claim it was a slight lapse. no i've only done one so far this year! that's nearly 4 months of no weekend fossils... and i was doing so well before!

no more slack from me, and though i missed the weekend by a bit, here is a late installment.

one of the most complete tyrannosaurid skeletons in the world, on display at the royal tyrrell museum (and not a cast of it either mind you). it is either a gorgosaurus or albertosaurus, depending on which side of the gorgo/alberto debate you sit upon. for formalities sake i'll say a gorgosaurus.

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Glendon Mellow said...

I love that whole room.

I took some photos of the same fossil when I visited a couple of years back.

The room is a perfect example of a museum "sacred space" - the spot lighting, the taller-than-your-head pedestels adorned with fossils, the hushed, reverent atmosphere.

I loved it, loved it, loved it.