the magic mittens!

i'm really starting to love these Oh-lympics! they are so much FUN!

regardless of whether they get me famous, like my special talent agent peter wants them too, i'm having a great time!
tonight i headed out into vancouver, and had my first taste of everything going on around here...

well okay it didn't exactly start off with that in mind. peter hauled me out to goto some big party to try and mingle. however just as we got there, and he was going to tell me what mingling was, suddenly peter's phone went crazy with calls.

i'm not sure what he's trying to organize, but he's talking to a ton of people and from a bunch of different places! i caught mentions of everywhere from calgary to africa?!? that and i know he plans on me and lillian being a part of it, as our names come up a lot in these calls... wonder what it is?

anyways long story short, peter had to run off and book some sort of plane tickets for someone (i'm wondering if i'm paying for those?). meaning he'd ditched me on the street!

now before you get all upset at me for not wearing my nice new canada hoodie, it wasn't my fault! i haven't gone back on wanting to wear it. however again peter hauled me out without much warning, and so i had no idea i was going outside... that alone it would be so chilly when i got out there.

before he bailed on me completely, and i complained of the cold, peter left me his mittens. at first i was a little annoyed by this solution. they were way too big for my tiny arms (that alone hands!), and as of such i thought they made me look ridiculous... at least they were really warm!

putting them on, i did like the way they matched my staff shirt, and they were kinda cool. they had these five rings that all linked up in a neat pattern... come to think of it, peter made me put it up on my blog banner... and they both said vancouver 2010 on them. finally the palms had some maple leafs, that brought my canada clothing content back up to par.

anyways answering whether the mittens were cool or not, within a couple minutes of putting them on, this really nice girl named laura noticed me wearing them and came over and happily greeted me. "happy olympics!"

"happy Oh-lympics!" i said back.

"aren't you just the cutest thing with the mittens on!" she admired my handware.
next thing i knew she kissed me...

not what i was expecting, and it was not to be the last.

you know what? these mittens are lady magnets! a bunch of laura's friends came over to hang out with me...

i was a real hit with the ladies! only they were all humans... if only lillian had been around right then!

okay, change that. it was human magnet. oh well...
i had been planning to keep the mittens till i saw lillian again. turns out the mittens were this big thing to do the Oh-lympics.
vancouver was so excited to host them that they came up with these mittens as a thing for people to wear to show they were excited too (though i'm still not sure what the Oh-lympics actually are yet, to be honest). apparently they took off, way more than anyone thought they would, and so now everyone is wearing them!
it confuses me as to why people weren't sure if the mittens would be popular or not. they're a stylish red (like a certain staff shirt... need i convince you more), and two they make a ton of sense in the winter as they keep your hands warm.
all i know is that if i wear these babies around vancouver for the time being, and i've got several thousand potential friends!

so i'll see what else there is to see and experience around here...

to be continued with more mitten related adventure
(and some flags thrown in for good measure... make that lots of flags)


Albertonykus said...

Have fun with those mittens, Traum!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

at least and at last seems like you found a "horned" friend too, it must have felt slightly familiar.

You're the Dinolord of the Mittens!

Yes! I AM interested on that souvenir! :D