a new look?

okay i'm here for the Oh-lympics. my special talent agent peter bond thinks this is a perfect way for me and lillian albertosaur to become famous.

as of such we're going to need to do anything and everything we can to become the official dinosaur(s?) of vancouver 2010.

tonight peter showed me the first of the drastic things i was going to have to do. peter had bought me an official Oh-lympic hoodie he wanted me to wear everywhere.

i wasn't sure. "come on traum baby," peter tried to pressure me. "no one will take you seriously if you don't show your olympic colours."

i still wouldn't budge, i was going to need more convincing.

"you haven't gone kiwi have you?" peter asked. i looked at him puzzled. "do you like new zealand more then canada now?" he clarified pointing to the big canda printed on the front of his new article of clothing. ah, he thought i wouldn't wear it as i suddenly didn't like canada or something

"no," i responded. "new zealand is fine, but i'm still a canadian dinosaur at heart." especially when i consider the dinosaurs of new zealand. they don't exactly make for good company.

"if it is not the patriotic factor, why won't you wear the canada sweater?" peter pleaded.

at first i wouldn't tell him, as it was a personal reason. finally peter convinced me if i couldn't tell him, my agent, what he needed to know than how could he help me.

"fine," i gave in to his battering. "the thing is, i've never worn anything above my staff shirt before, and i don't feel comfortable covering it up."

"above?" peter repeated baffled. "i was thinking you take that old uniform off altogether."

"what?!?" i cried, looking to my shirt. "i can't take this off!"

"why not?" peter clearly didn't understand me.

"when i first earned the right to wear this 5 years ago it was the first time i was acknowledge as being equal to a human," i furiously defended. "to take this off would be like taking off one of my limbs. i will never go back to the time when i was a second class being!"

peter looked concerned, but yet confused. i don't think he'd ever seen me this worked up before. heck, i haven't seen me this worked up in a little while (at least since getting to vancouver i guess).

peter then thrust at me with the sweater, having come up with an idea in his head. which bugged me, as he hadn't run it by me. "well by that logic," he said as he grabbed my arm. "this will make you twice as equal to a human. afterall this is the 'uniform' of the vancouver games. so if you wear this you'll fit in with everyone around here."

i thought about this grumpily as i was forced into the hoodie regardless of whether i agreed or not.

i watched my old tyrrell uniform, half expecting it to explode or melt as it came into contact with the new canada hoodie. it seemed fine with the coexistence.

fine i decided. i'd give this idea of peter's a shot. what could it hurt at this point?

peter was ecstatic as i started to put the hoodie on by myself.

you know it wasn't half bad! in fact it was nice and comfy. especially given that vancouver was a little chilly. this made up for my lack of feathers, and i wouldn't always be so cold.

best of all, i have to admit it was rather cool to sport my countries colours and name.

i'd been noticing how vancouver had suddenly come alive as something of an international jungle. flags grew like flowers off all the buildings, and the people suddenly were taking up the patterns of their homelands. it felt good to join in.

a rather nice man from behind us leaned over seeing my new hoodie. "i love the hoodie dino-man. GO CANADA!"

for some reason i yelled back. "GO CANADA!!!" too?

peter leaned in. "nicely done. see like i said twice the equality." i was stoked.

though i couldn't help but notice the stranger was suddenly happily holding $5. i could have sworn i had a fiver in my wallet earlier today, but peter assured me he watched it carefully all day. oh well...

next peter was trying to play with all the different ways we could play my new look.

i did not care for the gangster style one bit! gangs are not cool! i simply have to point to the pack of the primoridal feather as an example!!!

peter conceded. though not willingly.

i'd just put my claw down... on his tigh, and he could tell it'd hurt if i put any more pressure down!

"okay," he changed subject. "we've got you the threads. now it is time for the goods."

he pulled out a card. "what's that?" i inquired.

"this my friend is your card. or rather i want you to think of it as you!" he answered. "and as we're trying to get you out there, so must these cards. you'll be giving these to anyone and everyone who will take it!"

an interesting idea. i give out these pieces of paper to people, and they will remember me. how does peter think up these incredibly great ideas?

so watch out for me people of the vancouver wide web. if you spot me on the streets of vancouver as i'm out and about, not only pop by for a photo with me... how did peter say i was supposed to say this. ahem "everyones' most... no... ah yeah... favourite tyrannosaurus rex."
not only will you get a cool photo oppurtunity with me, but get your own free copy of my website card... telling you how to get here... wait a minute!

to be continued...


Albertonykus said...

I hope you're comfortable with these changes, Traum! You don't look bad in your new outfit, really. After all, it's still red!

I went downtown yesterday around sundown. It was really crowded. Sadly, I didn't get a glimpse of you, which I was kind of hoping for. (Crowds and noise aren't my thing, and an actual sighting of a vivus tyrannosaurid may have cheered me up more!)

Raptor Lewis said...

You look good, man! In fact, I think you need to loosen up a bit after the incident with the Pack! Think of this as compensation for the dangers in Drumheller and Calgary. :D Go Canada and USA!!!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

hey! that was a cute detail!
I like hoodies and you look good Traum!