shouldn't be here (poachers part 2)

i'd made my huge find. an actual lost quarry of francis slate's! yet there wasn't anything saying i couldn't make some more!!!

common sense says we should each only be entitled to one major discovery each, but that's not how it works in real life. usually the big finds get made by the same people over and over again... so why not add me to that list?

as i knew that many of slate's operations centered around coal mines, today i set out for the site of the old newcastle mine.

i did find something after a day of looking, but it certainly wasn't not what i'd been hoping for!

a disturbed and churned section of mudstone shale...

i immediately recognized it as a sign of excavation... someone had been digging here, and recently!

which had me a little ticked off, and worried...

`we'd found a similar modern mystery quarry last week! the point of a mystery quarry is that it shouldn't be anywhere near recent or modern, but rather an dig that has been lost due to the passage of time... a mystery quarry from today means that someone wants to keep the dig hidden!

for which there is no good reason. it can only mean someone is trying to essentially steal the fossils their digging up. steal them from scientific and public knowledge, and in the case of alberta the public altogether. alberta has laws protecting fossils, and you are only allowed to dig them with a special permit...
which based on yumi's inquiring with the people in charge of alberta digs, neither last week's or this new dig site should exist. no excavations had been authorized in the drumheller region this year at all!
yet i'd just this one in less then a week then the last, and both were fresh... in fact this dig probably had only been done in the last couple days! meaning someone was out here in the badlands with me, and they weren't just looking for fossils...
who could it be? why won't they be trying to go through official channels? more to the point what are they digging up? this quarry isn't very big...
only the beginning of this misadventure...

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