fossil of the weekend! #22

one of two cast skeletons of ornitholestes at the royal tyrrell museum.


Zach said...

I really need to get back there. Things have really changed since I was there so long ago (do they still have the Cambrian exhibit?).

Traumador said...

you'll love it (the ceratopsian display alone would be worth the trip in your case! ;p )

the cambrian burgess shale is most certainly still there (it is probably my favorite display of the whole museum), and just had the walk over glass replaced for the first time in over a decade. So you can really see the bottom of the display.

as for this ornitholestes, he's actually been in the gallery since the museum opened in 1985. he's just hard to see normally as he is in the back of the display behind the camptosaur carcass and the scavenging allosaurus. i snuck into the display area after hours to snap this photo. which gives everyone this rare point of view of a nice mount.