the most photographed waterfall

Location: Whangarei
Baskets Left: 1

i'd made it to whangarei, new zealand's northern most city (though there's plenty of towns above it!). though my only reason for being here was to stop in at the local museum driving into town i saw a sign i just HAD to stop at.

whangarei is home to its own waterfall (named after the town... making them the whangarei falls). given how waterfalls are natures own fountains i had to check it out... on account my LOVING fountains!

i had planned to only stop for a couple minutes... but stayed for 15. which considering everything isn't so long. what i was surprised by was that the trail the city has put around the waterfall is so good and easy to follow you can see this waterfall from pretty much EVERY angle imaginable.

they claim it is new zealand's most photographed waterfall. i'm not sure if that's actually true (given there's a couple famous ones elsewhere), but i can certainly see it being in the running. if one were to say most photographed from different vantages than it probably does win. out of all the waterfalls i've EVER seen this is one of the few i could take a photo anywhere in relation to it i wanted!

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