Revamped Old Post

Production Note: Through the creation of new visuals related to the finale of the museum quest coming in the next few days, Prehistoric Insanity has been able to go and replace a borrowed image in one the quest's key posts with one of our own.

This new image of Tane Maori god of the forest is now attached to the retelling of the kete o te wananga legend at this old Traumador post.

This picture (borrowed from here) was the one originally used. You can see how it inspired us.

The reason for the change? The only clue we'll give you is that we built Tane for something else first...

Stay tuned for the conclusion of the (somewhat longer than we'd hoped) Museum Quest. Followed immediately by the launch of
Traumador Year: 1.5 with a slew of surprises we promise!

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