new zealand titanosaur

remember how i got a look at half of new zealand's dinosaur at te papa.

in that post i took a guess that the kiwi sauropod was most likely a titanosaur. turns out i was right, in a sense (not that guessing a cretaceous sauropod is a titanosaur is that out of the box).
a new paper out from new zealand's lead dinosaur hunter joan wiffen confirms the presence of titanosaurs in new zealand. just her proof isn't based on the saurpod rib i saw at te papa.

(Production Note: Art by Peter Bond of Prehistoric Insanity)

a new sauropod caudal vertebrae was discovered in same site as the other hawkes bay dinosaurs (which every kiwi dinosaur, apart from the cathalin islands and another jurassic era dinosaur from port waikato, are from). this vertabrae though somewhat eroded and damaged gives enough features to identified as a member of the titanosaur family, but its exact species can not be determined.

this means that there are now two known saurpod bones known from new zealand, but the rib fragment still gives us no real features to identify it beyond a saurpod.

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