getting around

today i decided to go exploring dunedin some more. i haven't been able to just wander and sight see for fun in a really long time people of the web wide world. man it felt good!

i also stumbled upon a neat new place that definately makes my map of dunedin!

the otago train station. here i am marvelling at the nice little garden they have out front of this amazing building... the train station is almost a hundred years old... which for new zealand is pretty old!

inside it's even more impressive. i feel like i'm on a movie set or something!

out of here runs new zealand rail whose even gone to the detail of having their logo designed into the floor of this amazing building.

poking around i found out that you can book rides on the train... holy smokes!!!

heading outside to catch the train i was disappointed to discover that the train had already departed without me...

oh well just little thing. life in dunedin overall is going awesome right now, and i'm not letting this one thing bring me down...

i'll just have to catch it later on i guess.

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