a new friend?

after the day i've been having, i'm really just not in the mood to have to deal with anymore dinosaurs... so of course i find my in the middle of the dinosaur winter OH-lympics, where there is no shortage of vivus-dinosaurs for me to run into!

i've already had two fairly draining interactions with fellow saurians today. first of all i got to be in the middle of my two best friends, lillian and norman, try and tear each other apart. as if that weren't horrible enough i was than approached by the pack of gondwana, who wanted me to join them in their evil against my cousin's equally evil pack the primordial feather... fun times.

so that left me wanting to pretty much keep to myself. yet moments after my gondwanan encounter i was approached by yet ANOTHER dinosaur.

this time the american stegosaur dollie. what she could possibly want with me i'm not sure?... i don't know a whole lot about living jurassic dinosaurs, i've only interacted with a few briefly in my tyrrell days. so i don't know what makes them tick, or how they compare to cretaceous dinosaurs i know. added to that she is an ornithischian, which as a general rule tend to distrust and hate me. (plus should i be freaked out by her like her cousins the ankylosaurs?)

adding to my weariness, dollie's 'greeting' was very odd. "oh, so you're what gloria was so interested in." she'd apparently not even been interested in me. she just wanted to see what the giganotosaur that had been bugging me was doing...

"i guess so," i answered a little annoyed by this start to our interaction. not that i planned for it to become a full conversation. "if you'll excuse me though..."

dollie suddenly had a really puzzled look on her face. "excuse yourself for what?" now i was the one who was confused. for a moment i had no idea what she meant, till she started intently sniffing the air. the silly plate back thought i'd farted!?!

"no, no, not that kind of an excuse," i clarified. "i was just trying to say..." i stopped dead in my sentence seeing how dollie twisted her head at me, not following what i was saying. i totally knew that look!

suddenly i took a slight shining to dollie. despite all our differences (me being a theropod, dollie being a ornithischian) me and dollie shared a very similar problem in our lives! the looks dollie was giving right now were the same i give when i'm confused... dollie has a very small brain just like me!

"you weren't saying yes to the gondwanan's offer were you?!?" dollie exclaimed in alarm finishing off my sentence.

"no," i answered out of instinct. then it hit me. "how did you know gloria made me an offer???" how was it every second time i ran into someone new they knew more about me, than i often did.

"lance told me to watch out for the gondwanan's approaching you, before i came out to be in the games," dollie blurted out. well lance explained how dollie knew something about me without us ever meeting. that however didn't answer the obvious question.

"how do you know lance?" i asked.

dollie accidentally answered the question by trying to stonewall it. "i'm not authorityed to tell you... no wait i'm not a big enough authorization to telll you. oh no!" she got all tongue twisted, though i got her point.

so dollie probably was in the employ of professor paradigm if she knew lance, with him telling her stuff, and her not being able to talk about it. which meant something to do with palaeo-central. not that i knew much more about them than i did the packs...

i'm not the biggest fan of paradigm or palaeo-central (some "random" examples of why here, here, and there), but so far i was starting to like dollie. she was just a genuinely nice dinosaur. the sort i wish more of us were.

i wasn't sure if it was her brain size (possibly explaining why we are BOTH over trying to maintain our prehistoric ideals), or the fact she was jurassic dinosaurs (the majority of my saurian acquaintances are cretaceous), or that she is just an awesome individual in spite of it all.

we had a rather nice chat, just the cheer up i needed. she was fascinated to hear all about me, the theropod that didn't really want to be a theropod. i on the other hand wanted to hear all about her.

dollie was my ornithischian counter part, at least in some ways. we both had a tough times in life due to our limited intellectual capacities. dollie really wanted to fit into the human world, but often found keeping up with the pace of the modern world a bit too much for her brain power.

it was neat, but also a little weird i must admit, talking to someone who thinks just like me...

after this pleasant end to an otherwise bad afternoon we bid each other fair well. though we did promise to hang out at least once more before the end of the winter games...

so how about that people of the web wide world? i have a possible friend stegosaurus!


Albertonykus said...

That's neat, Traum! It's good to know that positive things still occur during bad times. And this appears to imply that Paleo Central is still watching over you, which you may or may not be comfortable with but (probably) keeps you safe from most enemies!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

in that second picture it looks so graceous! as moving! good job!