a quick announcement

Hi there readers of Traumador!

May I start off by saying what a wonderful taste in blogs you all have! Thank you for your ongoing support of everyone's favourite Official Dinosaur of the Winter Games! We hope to enjoy more of this ongoing support, and perhaps some money, in the future!

I am of course not the main Rex himself, just his special talent agent, Bond, Peter Bond. I'm just popping on the Tyrannosaur Chronicles here today for a quick service annoucement of sorts. Though, I'd appreciate you not telling the little green guy I was on here. I'm not sure he knows I've hacked into his account (oh and certainly don't mention that either please!).

I couldn't help but notice the rather popular palaeo-blog Dinosaur Tracking has today posted a poll about which sport you'd like to see an Albertosaur play at the Olympic games. It is a terrific question, and one I'd love know the answer too.

However I can't help but notice the question was asked in a hypothetical manner. Meaning the guys over at the Smithsonian's Blog are unaware of Team Canada Prehistoric's current presence in Vancouver for the games. How I know this is that we have an actual Albertosaur with us here, and frankly how can you ignore a star of Lillian's calibur?

Normally I wouldn't bring this up, but it sort of crosses hairs with what I've been up to this week, and why The Tyrannosaur Chronicles haven't been quite as live and up to the minute with the Olympics as Traum wanted.

You see I've been on the phone with several museums and other people who manage these "Vivus", or currently living, Dinosaurs, throughout the world and have been trying organize a special event.

The 2010 Dinosaur Winter Games here in Vancouver. We'll be assembling Dinosaur teams from all over the world to participate in several popular winter games.

Naturally this is pretty much what Dinosaur Tracking has outlined, and well call me paranoid, but I just wanted it on the record that I was thinking of the same thing! Great minds think alike, and so despite my having to let the cat, or should I say Raptor :P, out of the bag early, the good news now you all know.

So definately tune in here to The Tyrannosaur Chronicles next week for the beginning of the games. Also be sure to pop by Dinosaur Tracking, and thank them for independently thinking of the idea, and showing me there is indeed interest in such events!

Heck with the Smithsonian behind such sports how can everyone else I'm contacting say no?

So we'll see you here for the games. Maybe send in your suggestions for countries and their potential team partipates!

GO CANADA! (I had to say it!)


Albertonykus said...

Funnily enough, Peter, I got a similar idea last year after watching the BBC documentaries Animal Games and Animal Winter Games: http://albertonykus.deviantart.com/art/Dinosaur-Games-122570640

My concept is for the summer Olympics, but I'm sure dinosaurs could have the Winter ones, too! (They're warm blooded, after all.)

Anonymous said...

Holy Cretaceous!! That's a Fantastic Idea, Peter!! :D

BTW- Canada IS doing well this year! I've been rooting for them! However, I think you mean "Go USA!", right? lol! ;)

Bruce Earl said...

Cool! im exited to be a part of it! consitoring that the dinosaurs will only be coming from protos or be those viral dinosaurs i think that this will be cool! can i be the host! PLEEES!