the END?!?!?!?!? (Laid Off part 1)

oh no!!!

i knew i forgot something yesterday! the museum was going to figure out what my job for the fall was going to be... and uh well this whole lillian thing kinda got outta hand... so much so that my hiding in sheer terror meant i missed the meeting about my job!

uh i'm not sure how to say this but... they FIRED ME!!!

it was horrible. cam stumbled on me while i was hiding behind the puzzle monkey tree... which by the way makes an excellent hiding place if ever you need to find one in the cretaceous garden. especially if being hunted by a large predator... where was i again... OH YEAH! FIRED!!!

so there i was hiding when cam walks up and is like "uh dude what are you doing here?" and i'm all like "hiding from lillian! keep your voice down!" and then cam says "uh dude. you were supposed to be at the meeting yesterday. you better come with me"

so i followed him into the museum lobby where he went over the meeting of the big cheeses...yummy... or i mean the big bosses (though in fairness their actually really small compared to most of the dinos in the museum... just bigger then me) who decided that they have enough dinosaurs, and that at this time there is currently no need for my services at the museum for the time being...

i don't i don't know what i'm going to do people of the interweb...

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