fossil of the weekend! #64

a large ammonite on display at the royal tyrrell museum. this particular specimen exhibits the rather unique preservation known as ammolite. this is only known to occur in ammonites fossilized near the northern rocky mountains.

the photo doesn't do it credit, this shell actually refracts the whole light spectrum rather like a CD or DVD. very pretty and cool! these particular shells (coming from a common and well understood species) are mined for use in jewelry. due to its beauty and abundance in the province, ammolite is alberta's official gemstone.


Glendon Mellow said...

I was astonished at this one during my visit to the Tyrrell. Totally amazing.

Traumador said...

just visited the tyrrell again yesterday... (this was an auto post of an old photo)

they've taken this guy out :(

don't know when that happened!

so be glad you saw it while you could...

though in good news the 25th anniversary stuff is going up for may, and there is some cool specimens in that display!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

my goodness!

this is one of the most beautiful fossils I've ever seen!

I definitely have to visit that museum!