the anomalocaridid gallery is here!

head over to ART Evolved and check out the new Burgess Shale themed gallery!!!


Raptor Lewis said...

Awesome!!! Patience DOES pay off!!! LOL!!! :D Thanks for letting us know, Traum!! :D

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Your cambrian reefs are really awesome! Your skills have improved a lot!!
My fave is "once upon..."

Great job!

Raptor Lewis said...

Indeed! This Month's gallery was truly Impressive!! :) Every one's was great as well, but my favorite artist was the one who has had the obvious improvement: YOUR Legal Guardian, Craig, Traumador!!! :D As I follow his blog me and a handful of other readers have watched his progress first hand and that is why I am MORE impressed with Craig than the others, personally!

Again, I thought the others were GREAT as well! I AM impressed with ALL of the entries this month, so don't get me wrong. ;)