auckland war memorial museum (last museum part 1)

Location: Auckland War Memorial Museum
Baskets Left: 1

so the quest was (hopefully) coming to a close. i was at the last stop on ms. rhonwyn's list (that i hadn't skipped), and really hoping i could get rid of this last basket.

what a last stop to have. one of new zealand's biggest museums. it was rivalled only by wellington's te papa. i was going to have fun going through here!

just outside it there was a black statue that gave me a shiver though i had no idea why...

rather than wait around for the basket to leave i jumped into museum touring action.

like te papa the auckland museum had a lot of levels. unlike te papa it was laid out in a nice normal building fashion, with floors clearly being floors and connecting to one another logically. not that this was necessarily better (te papa is definitely the most fun i've had in a museum... but it was easier to miss stuff in wellington).

as you can see from one of their open lobbies it was a big place. i'll also note as you can see now here at the last major museum of new zealand they all love to have their galleries open into these huge open lobbies. only auckland was so big it needed two separate lobbies on either end of the building!

rather than post an unbelievably large post on this museum i'll break it up like te papa...

stay tuned for the galleries of auckland's massive museum...

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