the airport... (down under part 0)

the museum quest had been over for a day, i'd gotten to poke around auckland a little bit (well okay just the aquarium really), and now it was time to go home...

so off to the auckland airport i went.

just a block away there was this huge as new zealand flag by the road. i thought it was kind of funny (especially considering what was to happen) considering i'd been from one end of the country to the other to have this as my final sight!

okay it sounded like an easy plan. head inside the airport, pick up the ticket ms. rhonwyn had bought for, and catch the plane and fly home...

man oh man was i in for a surprise. who knew that airports were so annouying and confusing?!?

the only time i'd EVER flown i was hiding in craig's suitcase, and though i have many complaints about that (it was cold apart from craig's clothes i could wrap up in, squishy, and hard to breath!) it really wasn't anything compared to trying to be a known flyer!

so there are line ups to get into line ups! after waiting over an hour to get to the desk, i finally got there to be informed that they didn't have a ticket for me!?!

i panicked people of the innerweb!

it wasn't that i couldn't have gotten home by paying for it myself (which the lady at the counter tried to sell me several times), it was that after everything i'd done it was only fair that ms. rhonwyn pay for my ticket home.

after insisting that ms. rhonwyn had bought me a ticket, the lady finally checked a new something on her puter and told me to goto the international terminal.

now from what i've been told most airports that would be annoying on its own, due to the line ups upon line ups you had to get back into, but at the auckland airport... the two terminals are both in totally separate buildings, a kilometre apart from each other!!!

if i'd had an luggage to haul with me (good thing i packed so light for the quest) i'd be even more angry at the hike than i turned out to be.

once there i only had to wait 45 minutes. once i finally had my ticket i had to go and catch my plane due to the delay...

on route to the plane there was a store with a giant tuatara statue... which was cool... and now that the quest was over not threatening (now that maori god whiro couldn't use them as his scouts here in the mortal world).

there was also this amusing comic in a magazine... not that i stopped in a magazine stand to look at the funnies.

so i was going to board a plane, and fly home to good old... MELBOURNE!!! why does my ticket say that and not dunedin???

where the heck is melbourne?!?!?

oh man and now there saying all electronic stuff has to be turned off. i guess that ends this post.

i guess i'm going to find out... let you know when i get there... where ever here is!

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Dorothy said...

I hope you enjoy Melbourne and yes airports sucks