vlog from the past!

it's time for a change. huge changes...

specifically i'm looking at some big changes here on the tyrannosaur chronicles. okay, i guess that is not specifically, but rather everything...

working in conjunction with my friends at prehistoric insanity productions we are looking at a huge change in format here. we're still in the early stages of setting this up, but expect big things in the new year!

as a preview of things to come, and because we've meant to put this up for ages, so here is a special treat from my days back at the tyrrell.

we shot this in 2006, and it was cutting edge at its time (we even had dr. currie on as an advisor!)... however there is more info on the subject these days, like anything else. i just say it as i'm posting it now 4 years later. please go easy on the info lag (imagine you are 4 years in the past).

oh and for some reason the camcorder picked up my name all funny...


part 1


part 2


part 3


part 4


Albertonykus said...

Good job, Traum! That does look like it was cutting edge back in 2006, but of course its age now shows. (And thanks for clearing up that thing about your name; I used to think that it was simply being mispronounced by everyone while you were at the Tyrell.)

I didn't know Larry started out as a fossil attraction, too!

From what little I can see of your upcoming changes (the sidebars, the character files), they look like some really good stuff. Keep it up!

monado said...

Can't wait for the new look! (Not that there's anything wrong with the old look.)

OmegaRaptor said...

Wow, A blog about Dino's cool! ive onily just heard of this Traumador but from what i can see these posts are cool. Keep up the grate work Traumador!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

hey! this video series on the dinobird stuff is amazing! Traumador is cool as ever!