down under the mail delievery

well the dinosaur winter OH-lympics had started with something of a bang! literally.

our first event, the ski jump, had ended rather dramatically. with the gondwannan athlete, sansom the spinosaur, crashing into the crowd rather than land his jump properly. in good news no one was seriously hurt. in bad news a few people were somewhat hurt.

i was letting my special talent agent peter bond deal with all the consequences of this, but a few people were already starting to complain about the possible dangers of our other upcoming sporting events.

it was all starting to give me a headache. especially since my future was so tied into these OH-lympics (in the form of ALL my money!!!).

i needed to get away from it all for a bit and get some fresh air. i decided to mail some stuff back to my people in new zealand (at least those that weren't here at the OH-lympics already!).

as i made my way to the post office though, i ran into some old acquaintances. the australian leaellynasauras boom and rang. knowing the two of them, their team had sent them out to get fresh air, unlike my choosing to go! not that i minded run into them. it was nice to see a familiar face. especially ones who didn't dislike me or one another!

"g'day traumador," boom enthusiastically greeted me.

"hello traumador!" rang followed up with.

"hi guys," i greeted back, but didn't stop walking. i really wanted to get my stuff in the mail.

"mind if we join you?" rang asked. "yeah we're pretty bored," boom explained.

"sure," i said. the company would be nice. as we walked i realized i needed to be polite. "congratulations on your win at ski jumping rang."

"oh it was nothing at all really," he pretended to be modest. i recall these two little hypsilophodonts weren't all that self contained. answering my suspicion boom added. "apart from being better than all the other dinosaurs of the world!"

it was true. the tiny leaellynasaura had trounced every other saurian ski jumper (apart from america's bronko the stygimoloch), even the girl of my dreams lillian the albertosaur. yet this wasn't in the "spirit" of the games that peter had told us about (not that i get what a ghost had to do with winter, sports, or when you combine the two together!?!). peter told us the games were about friendly competition.

telling boom and rang this, they both chuckled. "man you really will believe anything people tell you," rang told me. "though not to worry, mate. it's one of the reasons we like you!"

they thought the point of the games was to beat everyone else, period! which i didn't think was all that nice. i tried to rain on their parade a bit. "well you know that canada is the favourite at these games right?"

"oh," boom started, finished by rang. "yeah?"

"that's what my coach peter said!" i stated proudly.

both looked at me a moment expecting me to crack a punchline or something. when i didn't both started to laugh, again! "traumador," rang laughed. "traumador," boom said, finishing the classic line of "traumador, traumador" i was used to getting when wrong. "that coach of yours needs to do a bit of reading, mate," rang stated.

"why?" i asked cautiously, suspecting i was about to walk into some sort of mental trap.

boom answered. "cause he's thinking about the human winter games." rang jumped in to finish the thought. "if he'd looked up where australia was back in the cretaceous compared to canada, he'd know aussie would be the fav." boom looking at me challenged. "but i reckon you already know what we mean."

"oh man," i thought out loud realizing what they meant. peter had been so busy planning the games, he had just grabbed what he knew about the human winter games and applied them to our dinosaur competition.

the leaellynasauras were right. back in their native time period of the cretaceous 106 million years ago their homeland of australia was one step short of the antarctic circle. meaning they were among the closest to winter dinosaurs we know of. canada during my time 65 million years while about as north as it is now (though a bit further west globally speaking), i wasn't from the north end of it. meaning i was not from as cold a place, and that these two would far better adapted to these winter conditions.

that was going to make the games a bit more interesting. peter was acting like team canada was a shoe in to win. now we had at least one major competitor. which was fine by me, except i got the feeling that canada needed to win a bit for me to get all my money back from these OH-lympics!

not that my money would be the issue today.

no, today's problem was a lot bigger, at least in person...

it seems like everything is bigger at the OH-lympics, and the post office didn't want to get left out of that. their new OH-lypmic edition mail box was huge!

which was cool to look at. however it was impossible for me to put my mail into!

boom and rang taking at look at it were very excited. "crikey!" rang said. boom finished. "that's what i call a post box!"

"a 'post box'?" i exclaimed. "its more like a giant uh,... box... box. how do i get my mail in there?"

"it is simple," boom boasted. i looked at the two of them like they were nuts. "watch and learn my theropod friend," rang informed me. "this is how you drop off the mail."

grabbing my letters from me, the two tiny ornithopods suddenly starting bouncing up the mail box. before i knew it my letters were up at the top and in the box. boom and rang made it look easy... if you were a tiny reptilian ninja gymnasts!
returning to the ground rang complained. "you don't have anymore mail for us?" boom added. "yeah that was fun!"

this was the last time i was listening to peter. team canada was in SO much trouble! team australia's dynamic duo alone just conquered a mail box none of the rest of us could have touched (well the top of of... except maybe the spinosaur, but he'd have had to be on tip toes).
despite all that, it was fun hanging out with boom and rang. i just wasn't looking forward to competing against them. which was coming up soon!
to be continued...


Albertonykus said...

That's a HUGE mailbox! How do they expect anyone but a really tall or really agile creature to use it?

And, yes, there's no better companion (and no worse competition) than a Leaellynasaura or two for the Dino Winter Games.

Ian said...

Hey Traum. Sorry I haven't been commenting on your blog much. I was catching up on your previous adventure, but many distractions got in the way. Now that I'm caught up, I will be able to follow you more regularly.

That being said, it does look like you're up against some pretty big competition. Best of luck to you!

Traumador said...

Albertonykus- i have no clue why they'd build a mail box this big! though i hear there is a BIG feet wandering around the OH-lympics. which sounds sort of scarry to me!

Ian- not to worry. that's the great thing about these blog things. if you fall behind you can always go back and read to catch up.

the boys at prehistoric insanity are slowly getting new parts of my page up that should help people catch up on the old stuff. sadly they're not finished yet.

thanks for the good luck! i might just need it.