fossil of the weekend! #57

a titch late of the weekend i know, but still i did remember in the end...

one of the fine and huge teeth of my aunt, black beauty, the second tyrannsoaurus rex found in alberta. from the collections of the royal tyrrell museum.

fun fact about my aunt's fossils, due to the potassium rich sediments she was buried in, my aunt is now slight radioactive! not that your in danger after 5 minutes exposure to her, but the museum has had to put in special ventilation to all her storage and display areas so that the radiation doesn't build up. kind of cool!


Ian said...
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Ian said...

A radioactive aunt. That's a strange thought. BTW, how do you know she's your aunt?

Traumador said...

ian- the radioactive thing lets me pretend i'm like my childhood hero godzilla... alas not quite the same level of radioactivity :(

as for how i know she is my aunt, i should do a post at some point about the details of my family.

in short she told me. the basic gist of HOW she told me is in my post here (about my mom)


funny enough a lot of what i know about my mom comes from my aunt, but it is very limited. the two didn't get along in the cretaceous, for some reason, and so my aunt only lets loose certain details with me (larry knows the whole story).

i'll probably do up a post on it at some point this year (sadly not right away)

Raptor Lewis said...

I´ve heard of such cases with certain specimens, but I was (nor still am) aware on the likelihood of such an occurence. The benefits of such finds is that, if exposed to black light in a dark room, they should glow, making prep work much easier and a little more fun, as well! ;)

I would also love to learn about your family (socially speaking, not taxonomically, lol! ;P)! I'll be waiting for such a post! :)

Oh yeah, where are my manners? ;P Happy New Year!! ;)

gg said...