fossil of the weekend! #52... one year of them!

who knew that after a year i'd have stuck with this whole posting a picture (nearly) every weekend successfully?!? not me... of the many weekly features I tried to kick off a year ago this is the only one i've managed to stick with the whole time (though i'm getting pretty good with my featured avian cousin of the week these days).

though i know you've seen them before, i went with my big discovery (well okay tony's) of francis slate's albertosaurus bonebed for the one year highlight. these two teeth were the most important and cool fossils i saw or encountered this year, and as of such they are the only ones that came to mind for this post...

so despite them being familiar to many of you, enjoy them again, and relive my excitement at finding them through the backlinks provided.


Raptor Lewis said...

Congrataulations on your little one year anniversary!! :) I'm proud of you! And....those Albertosaurus fossils are EXCELLENT specimens!!

Albertonykus said...

Congratulations, Traum!