my cousin of the week #13

one of my all time favourite birds, a kingfisher. this is a sacred kingfisher or todiramphus sanctus i saw in new zealand, but they are also found in australia and many of the other islands between the two. they were called kĊtare by the maori.


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

In this city it is hard to spot one of them. I've seen it one single time in my whole life.

Today we celebrated our independance day. Those andean flamingos you could see in my homepage have the colors of our flag: red, white and red. Something like Peter Bond's Canadiancoatlus!

Raptor Lewis said...

Sometimes it's easy to forget the beauty of little birds like this one here, Traum!! Thanks for posting these, as I, also, don't have to go to a zoo to find one! :)

Hope everything is going good for you Traum! I also pray you get out of that situation with Megan and Jo, those dirty poachers!! I'm with you ALL the way, man! Good Luck!