fossil of the weekend! #28

not the best photo of, a lambeosaurus being attacked by a pack of dromaeosaurus.

though i try to highlight fossils with this weekendly segment with only the best photos... sadly this is the only photo i have of this over wise amazing mount from dinosaur provincial park.

it not only ties into the recent RAPTOR ATTACK theme going on here at the tyrannosaur chronicles, but is a big hint as to where things will be going in the upcoming continuation post!

that's right my fate after the pack's attack will be revealed this week! watch for it!!!


Albertonykus said...
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Albertonykus said...

It looks to me it'll involve one big multi-ton hadrosauroid (or maybe many hadrosauroids), one tiny Tyrannosaurus rex, and a flock of infuriated dromaeosaurids...