new hobby

after this somewhat hectic busy week at work i've been looking forward to the weekend (well techincally my days off in the middle of the week... i have to work weekends normally).

rather then spend my time off doing the same old same old i've decided i need to expand my life expereince and try some new things... after all i did come down here to new zealand to try a new go at existence.

so to start off with i've made my way to the beach cause frankly i haven't been here in far TOO long! boy do i remember how much i LOVE the beach too!

frankly there's only so much just hanging out and looking at the beauty one can do though, and i figured i might need to bring something for backup doing (aren't you impressed? me with my tiny brain figured this one out!)

after exploring the maori gallery in the museum this week i was given an idea of something i could try out...

one of the neatest artifacts i thought was maori fishing hooks and tools which gave me the idea why not try fishing?

so i brought with me to the beach my brand new fishing rod that i picked up at the warehouse (a store where the song assures me "everyone gets a bargain") to try out fishing...

one of the benefits of having a job again... i have money to buy things like this!

you know even though it's just me standing here doing pretty much nothing... i'm liking fishing... despite my short attention span (hey can you blame a dude with a brain the size of a peanut not being able to focus well?) i have two things to do!

first is to make sure that my fishing line and pole are doing their thing, and then when i'm starting to zone out i have beautiful ocean to look at...

after an hour of nothing happening though i was starting lose a little bit of heart... humans have been fishing for thousands of years, and yet i couldn't catch a single fish after a few hours!?!

don't they say there are hundreds of fish in the sea?

then suddenly there was tug on my line... having watched a show on fishing many years ago in drumheller i remembered this is what one is waiting for when they are fishing! i started to reel in my line... the thrill and exceleration from this struggle of life an death... what could it possibly be on the end of my line?

well okay so my first catch ever isn't exactly going to get me on any fishing magazine covers, but at least i caught something!!!

obviously going to have to try fishing again, and soon. i bought the rod might as well use it, and hey i had a lot of fun... almost too much in the moments of reeling in my bootfish... something deep with in my dinosaurian instincts was being fanned by the thrill of the "hunt"... granted fishing was more a pursuit of theropods of baryonx or spinosaurus, but i think i'm going to risk being a rebel t-rex and have another go... keep you posted people of the web wide world...

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