upgrade and new approach...

well suddenly my planned new simple and easy life down under has become very complicated and hard!!!

the new rules i have to operate under seem to be pretty fixed and strict, and even worse those three criteria i need to reach before march 31 could ruin everything!

with this ticking countdown of doom i think i should start taking note of the passage of time

T-Minus: 44 days

okay there we go. good start to handling this crisis if i do say so myself... wait i did just say so myself... no if really involved.

i'm not going to lie though people of the innerweb i'm still a little lost as to what i should do to sort these things out. fortunately i know one person whose job is to make sense of such things...

i gave bond... peter bond... my special talent agent a ring (as they'd say here in new zealand) to see what he could do to help me with my problem.

now tracking down peter has been a little hard. he's been travelling around europe (a dinosaur populated place i'll point out) to increase his talent base. everywhere from germany to england, and i haven't talked to him a whole lot since his move.

he was happy to hear from me, and he launched into pleasantries. now i tried to convey to him the urgency of my call, but i didn't want to be rude... so we ended up wasting like 10 whole minutes on pleasant conversation!

man can't do that anymore. the blog clock is ticking!!!

fortunately he finally asked me "so how are you doing now that your down in new zealand?"

man it was about time. i told him not good. which naturally lead to him asking why not...

now i have a bad habit of rambling when i'm upset... it's not my fault. i do have brain the size of a peanut after all... but peter wasn't able to keep up with me, and well after wasting 2 minutes on trying to tell him i wasn't about to calm down...

fortunately i had all the regulations and rules in a text form so i just sent them to his phone...

peter was even more mad then me! all i heard was some unrepeatable in blog format words, and then "this is a total infringement on your freedom, and mine to profit off yours!!!"

now peter is a professional... he calmed himself down within 30 seconds... which i greatly appreciated cause again the clock is ticking!

"okay, i've got a plan..." peter said in a calculated manner. "but it's going to require some changes from you there big guy"

oh boy i thought... i was hoping peter would make this all go away nice and easy, and make things return to normal. well turns out that special talent agents can only do so much when it comes to being faced with a governmental menace...

peter said the march 31 requirements were the most important to deal with now... the rules can wait...

i need a "drastic public image make-over" peter thinks. we tyrannosaurs have a very terrible reputation, and as of such i need to overcome it if i'm to succeed here in new zealand, or anywhere...

as my blog is my "ambassador" to the world... wow suddenly i feel important... my blog is going to have to serve as the main means of convincing people that i'm not a brutal prehistoric killing machine.

to do this peter has a list of things i'm going to need to change so that the blog "reflects me as a person" this includes the following:

  1. Add personal elements and touches to my blogs format
  2. Start posting more of my personal thoughts and feelings
  3. Start getting to know your audience and engaging them

so basically make my blog more about me... isn't it already about me though???

well who am i to argue with peter. i've got some ideas for #1. if you look along the sidebar you'll find that i've added a bunch of things about me. so check them out

even more important leave a comment people of the web-wide world, and let me know what you think of my new and improved blog!

i in the meantime am going to try and start meeting those 3 criteria...

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